let’s pretend

Let’s pretend for a moment that I’m still open and free

There’s no pain, no sadness, no anger

Everything is easy

Everything makes sense


Let’s pretend I still go to sleep every night with a smile on my face

There are no tears, no aches, no doubts

My eyes close with ease

My heart beats at a steady rhythm


Let’s pretend I still think reality is better than any dream I could have during the night

There are no questions, no anxiety, no fear

Sleep doesn’t matter much anymore

I’d rather be awake anyway


Let’s pretend it didn’t hurt

It didn’t absolutely blindside me

It didn’t knock all the air out of me

I can still breathe

I can still think


Let’s pretend I can talk about it

My ten notes can go somewhere

I can process it, deal with it, release it

I can get it off my chest

I won’t feel it trapped inside anymore


Let’s pretend for 5 more minutes

I’ll just look at you from afar

I won’t touch you, hold you, kiss you

I’ll just look and I’ll just pretend

For five minutes I’ll be alright again

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