another year

Recently I had a birthday and with every new year, I wonder how much more adult I’ll be. What will this year have in store for me? What will I improve upon? What will become easier for me?

Typically around my birthday, there’s a transition (other than the weather) and I’m guided in a new direction. Sometimes small, sometimes big. Sometimes awful, sometimes wonderful. This year is no different and I’ve come to look forward to it.

With growth and change, it takes baby steps and this year I’ve embraced that because there will come a lot of change. A new business venture, chance to broaden my education, and all the while still working towards bettering myself as a person.

When it comes to work, I have never seen myself as being apart of someone else’s plan. I’ve either gotten sick of the same thing over and over again or I’ve learned as much as I can and there’s no more room for true progress. So now is the time when I’m finally doing something about it and I’m going to work for myself.

With working for myself, I’m giving myself freedom, independence, and lots and lots of problem solving. Three things I love. More responsibilities, of course, but ones I’ll be proud to carry. It also brings a lot of clarity on how I’d like to spend my time and the things I’d really rather be doing.

Speaking of how I spend my time, I’m not so keen on doing things I’d rather have said no to doing. I like the friends I have right now and I like when I spend time with them. I’ll definitely branch out again, but it feels right having a close knit group especially when I’ll be creating a new routine for myself. It feels nice knowing I’ve got people who truly care about me as my surrounding influence.

And with all that change, I feel a sense of ease. Things are slowly fitting together- some of which I had been blind from seeing for years and years. It feels good. It feels exciting. It also feels terrifying, but that’s another post, I suppose. I can’t even begin to explain how much closer to myself I’ve become and how much growth I can feel happening.

I’m excited to tell you all more about it! Cheers to my journey 🙂

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