sabbath bloody sabbath

Black Sabbath.

My top artist. I think they just may be my favorite band of all time (which is huge for me to say). I could listen to them all the time… in fact, I did for months just this past year. Only them on repeat.

I’m not entirely sure why, but they literally make me happy. I listen to them and my mood gets better, I feel relaxed. Any anxious feelings go away. Perfect for the car before I go to do something that makes me feel anxiety. Even writing this post now makes me really happy.

The song I’ve probably listened to the most is “Sabbra Cadabra”. It’s upbeat and just fucking great. If I were a runner, that’d probably be the one I’d start out my run with. It’s definitely high energy and gets me moving.

My next most listened to is “Killing Yourself to Live” which is really one of my current theme songs. It’s about the way people are living their lives in misery. I see it as that end goal of “if I work hard enough now, I’ll get to live my life after” whereas life should be lived now and you’re dying already.

Of course I always have to crank up the volume to “Iron Man”- just brilliant. “War Pigs”- a fucking JAM. “Paranoid”- of course! Ugh, there are more, but I don’t want to bog you down.

I have a love so deep for Ozzy Osborne, but I don’t have any objections to Ronnie James Dio (rest in peace). I’m also not discounting the 4 other vocalists that fronted the band. I think they’re all great. Those 2, however, are who stand out the most. I do love Ozzy’s reign because of his voice and the way the tracks sounded, but that’s also due to the time in which they were recorded. RDJ is just killer so I have no qualms there.

Anyway, I could go on and on, but I had to say my praise here. Listen now.

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