meditate it away

I was having a really rough day just over a month ago and I asked my best friend for some help. She had a bunch of positive affirmations and I needed some. She also told me about a meditation app. That meditation app has been my daily helper ever since I downloaded it!

The app is called Simple Habit. There are 5/10/15 minute meditations available with a ton of topics! I do it everyday before I leave the house. It clears out all my anxiety and any depression I may be feeling. It’s got options for if you’re having a rough day or starting something new or just going to start your day, etc.

Within the first few days, I noticed a change within my self and mind. From the teachings I’d meditated along with, I could just let my thoughts be instead of letting them get inside me and fester. I felt stronger just breathing and being at peace. I had much more appreciation for myself and my life.

One night within that first week of meditation, some old thoughts began to creep into my head space creating a dark cloud of depression, heavy and stifling. I noticed that feeling, took some deep breaths, thought of a mantra, andย voila the dark weight went away! It was the coolest thing. I felt so strong and confident!

Now, I’m not sponsored by them or anything, but I am a big fan of passing on things that help me. It’s SIMPLE (get it). I like simple, easy methods to help myself. Nothing that takes too much work because, as some of you may also be, if I’m depressed, I’m lazy and too many steps can seem daunting when in that state. With this, it’s just a couple buttons and you listen to someone else guide you. Easy! Get your meditation on ๐Ÿ™‚

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