I had a day all to myself recently where I could just relax and do absolutely nothing. I thought it would be a great day, but somehow I still ended up feeling anger or sadness. Before I went to sleep, I really thought about this and asked myself “what was it that got into your day to make you feel so upset? You were at home all day! There shouldn’t have been anything to upset you.” I realized that the only times I felt anger or sadness were from when I had opened my Facebook app.

So I deleted it.

Now, I just deleted the app so I still have a Facebook, but I don’t have the easy access to it like I did before. I haven’t fully deleted it because of all the photos as well as the fact that that’s how I can reach my page (to promote my blog). I haven’t been on it in about 3 weeks and it has been so nice!

I have been trying to change my way of thinking for the better the past few months and everyday, I still kept getting dragged into the same old thought patterns. It always stemmed from going on that app and seeing so much hate and anger and sadness and complaining. It was too much. If I couldn’t control their narratives, then it was time to control my own.

I didn’t have to go on it. I didn’t have to read their posts. I didn’t have to be upset from, well, bullshit anymore. I could free myself from it. I have that ability.

It was a little difficult at first. Mostly because every time I had some downtime, I’d just open the app whether I was thinking about doing so or not. It was a habit. To find something else to look at, so as to not go stir crazy, I went on Pinterest and I looked up pictures of inspirational/positive/encouraging quotes. I downloaded hundreds of them. So then, every time I had a few minutes of downtime, I’d look through those photos and read the quotes to myself. Just over and over and over again, reading all these beautiful words to myself.

With my newfound replacement habit, I found that I would radiate good feelings and positive energy. All my sad darkness was taken over by warmth and happiness. It was the best feeling! I couldn’t believe how easy that was. It was such a simple change. So now, everyday I choose to flow these positive and encouraging thoughts into my mind. I don’t accept negativity- I don’t even see it anymore- I’ve even curated my Instagram so that my feed only shows my loved ones, things or people that inspire me, and positivity. I control what I let in and what I see. It has been making my change for better thinking so much easier.

What consumes your mind, controls your life.

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