going natural

Disclaimer: I am not a healthcare professional, I am writing this post based on my own experiences. Everyone’s body is different and what may or may not work for me might work or not work for you. I suggest doing plenty of research and/or talking to your doctor.

I have had major depression and general anxieties disorder for as long as I can remember. Looking through family health records, depression most likely runs through my mother’s side of the family with the majority affected. I’ve spent most of my life seeing a psychologist, much of that spent in denial, not truly accepting what was going on with me. It got so bad and hard to handle that I finally had to get extra help with medication from a psychiatrist.

For a couple years, the medication seemed to be working and then it just stopped helping. I went back to my psychiatrist for a while going trial and error, but that got too expensive playing the guessing game. I then would go to my local walk-in clinic and try new medications I had researched. It felt like a never-ending cycle of guesswork and nothing seemed to help. It was more exhausting than my depression. I took a break for a while until I went back to a new psychiatrist and got on, yet again, another new medication.

I thought it was working, but after a year of being on it, I had realized how it was only keeping me alive, but I wasn’t living. I was a recluse just stable enough to hang on. On a whim, I searched online for “cure for depression”. Obviously, I know that was a silly thing to look up because there isn’t an actual cure for it, BUT some natural supplements came up in the shopping section. I then spent hours researching the top product. It blew my mind that there were other options than prescribed medication. No one had ever told me! Why would they?!

Then started my journey of trying out natural supplements, using essential oils, and focusing more on what I was putting in or on my body. It’s lead to having so many options for the variety of feelings my depression and anxiety give me. Sometimes I’ll try something that doesn’t help and that’s okay! I can most likely return it and if I don’t I’m still not out the amount of a copay. I can also offer things to friends and they can do the same for me- that’s how I’ve added a few more items to my selection.

I have a lot of fun researching these items. The amount of positive reviews is what’s really kept me motivated in to keep trying out things that can help me. There are so many! It’s very refreshing seeing people’s stories and hearing how something has helped them. I even find more suggestions perusing through people’s reviews or comments.

I felt for a very long time that I only had one route. An expensive route that made my body or mind react in sick ways. If I could go the rest of my life not having to take a medication that makes my stomach ache, that’ll be enough for me! I’m grateful for that low day, almost 2 years ago, where I typed in an online search for what I thought was a joke. If I hadn’t have done that, I wouldn’t have known about this whole new route. A route of so many possibilities, great scents (talking about you, essential oils!), and wonderful feelings!

13 thoughts on “going natural

  1. I’m glad you found a more natural route, but you could share what you have found most helpful in another post. I’d be interested in reading that. Other than a healthful diet, supplementing with Vit.D esp. in winter, I have found yoga, focused breathing and spending time in nature to be effective.

    • That’s the plan! I wanted to give a backstory as to why I take natural supplements instead of prescribed medication so others would understand why I’d be posting a bunch of posts about each thing. I thank you for your comment! I dig what you do to help yourself! I think we all have our own toolbox (of ways to cope) and it’s worth it to see what may be in someone else’s and sharing is the most effective tool we have!

  2. Interesting insight. Depression is difficult. Truth of the matter, no-one really knows why it happens. I suspect too many factors go into the equation to facilitate a simple “solution”. Glad this helped though. 🙂
    (And thank you for your visits. You’ve boosted my stats!);)
    Have a lovely week-end Alexandra.

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    • I really love that comment! It truly is such a greater feeling being in the drivers seat of my own life and all the parts that make it up! It helps knowing I’ve got the tools to help myself and actually feel better rather than not knowing and just doing what others told me to and not feeling any better. Thank you for your comment!

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